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frequently asked questions

  • What is RAW Honey?
    Raw honey is honey in the rawest form (straight from the hive), its honey that has not been processed in any way. Which means it has not been heated, or micro filtered (removing pollen). And nothing has been added to raw honey.
  • How should I store my honey?
    You should store you honey in a dry place at room temperature with the jar securely sealed. Once opened you should store the honey in the same way.
  • How can I make the honey runny again once it crystallized?
    All RAW honey will naturally crystallize over time and become solid. To liquefy, place jar in warm water and heat slowly until desired consistency is achieved.
  • Does honey ever go "bad" or spoil?"
    If properly stored, honey will not spoil, honey will crystallize and become solid but it is still edible. See above about making crystallized, solid honey liquid again. However, honey will ferment if it is diluted by moisture from the atmosphere or by other liquids. Prevent fermentation by keeping honey containers tightly sealed before and between uses.
  • Doesn’t all honey taste the same?
    No! Honey bees will visit flowers as they bloom throughout the year. The nectar of each flower creates a different tasting honey. The color of the honey is also determined by the flowers the bee visited.
  • Does local honey help with allergies?
    When you eat local honey that is raw and unfiltered you are also eating pollen. If you have allergies to these types of pollen, then gradually adding honey to your diet should help your body get accustomed to the pollens and your body should react less to the allergens.
  • Does honey contain pollen?
    Yes, all RAW honey will contain natural traces pollen, this is how it can help you with seasonal allergies
  • Is honey safe to feed to an infant?
    No, until a child is 1-year- old honey should be given to a child.
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